CCS, Inc. - SMS Use and Your Rights

Opt-In Process for Notifications

Purpose of Notifications:

This toll-free number is used exclusively by CCS, Inc. to send notifications to the business owner regarding user interactions with our company's chatbot. Users are not contacted through this number, and no marketing or promotional messages are sent to users.

How Users Opt-In:

  1. Chatbot Interaction: When users interact with our company's chatbot on our website, their inquiries and messages are forwarded to the business owner.
  2. Internal Notifications: The business owner receives these notifications via the toll-free number for prompt and efficient response.
  3. User Consent: Users provide implicit consent to receive responses when they initiate a chat with our chatbot, as part of our website's terms of service and privacy policy.

User Opt-Out:

  • As users are not directly receiving text messages from this toll-free number, there is no opt-out required for them. All communications are internal, directed solely to the business owner.

For any questions or concerns about this process, please contact us at (833)266-7349