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Managed Technology Solutions for Small and Mid-Sized businesses. We are local to Springfield, Illinois but serve clients all across the US.

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Fully Managed Services

CCS is your business' personal IT staff. Our team will help with tasks ranging from help desk service requests and network security, all the way up to budget planning and threat landscape analysis.

We can also supplement existing in-house IT, or work in tandem with other IT providers you already have in place.

Off-Site Backups

We set up and monitor your backups to ensure your business is safe from ransomware attacks and natural disasters. Our team verifies all cloud backups by hand so your files are always protected.

Networking and Firewalls

CCS will establish a secure network infrastructure using industry best-practices to secure you and your customers' information.

Vendor Coordination and Purchasing

We work directly with your vendors and will negotiate best pricing opportunities. We can leverage our large list of existing connections or work directly with your existing account managers.

Proactive Protection

All of our plans include antivirus and web filtering technologies that keep your staff secure and your customers' information protected.

Windows and Mac Support

We're familiar with Windows and Mac environments and can support a variety of devices so your staff always has what they need to be successful.

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PCI and Other Compliances

Trainings, pre-made documents, and network and computer security all go hand-in-hand to ensure you are compliant with these regulations. We'll guide you through the tech jungle to compliance bliss.

Managed Off-Site Backups

Complete server and desktop backup both on and off-site guarantees that your business' files are always protected from fire, theft, or other malicious actors.

Vendor Coordination and Purchasing

We work directly with your current Internet, Phone, and other vendors to negotiate better prices and services on your behalf, taking all of the guesswork out of the equation.

Computer and Network Setup and Security

We'll handle the setup, installation, and labeling of your computers and network equipment. Antivirus and software updates are included in all of our plans.

Need wifi for your guests? Done. Want a content filter on your staff network? No problem!

It's all managed.

Your IT Problems - Solved.

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Data Backup

We offer managed off-site and cloud backup solutions that comply with fe privacy laws.

Full Office IT Support

Servers, PCs, laptops, and Macs - we will set up, configure, update, secure, and continue to monitor all of them. Forget unexpected downtime - we've got you covered.

Wireless and Network Setup

Securing your network and setting up a separate guest network for your clients, or staff is a great way to protect your data while keeping your business competitive.

And Much More...

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About the Owner

You'll always know who is working on your equipment.

Aaron House - Owner

Aaron is the owner of Complete Computer Solutions, Inc. He has over eight years of experience of creating, deploying, and securing computing and networking solutions. He enjoys networking and maintaining long-standing, meaningful relationships with clients.