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Managed off-site backups.

We’ll back up your data securely to the cloud then restore it if anything ever happens to your computer or server.

Computer and Network Setup and Security

We’ll handle the setup, installation, and labeling of your computers and network equipment. It’s all managed.

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Our main areas of expertise

Data Backup

We offer managed off-site and cloud backup solutions that comply with HIPAA and other privacy laws.

Full Office IT Support

Servers, PCs, laptops, and Macs – we will set up, configure, update, secure, and continue to monitor all of them. Forget unexpected downtime – we’ve got you covered.

Wireless and Network Setup

Securing your network and setting up a separate guest network for your clients, or staff is a great way to protect your data while keeping your business competitive.

And Much More…

Need something else? We can help.

Full Office IT Pricing

(Managed Services)

About the Owner

You’ll always know who is working on your equipment.

Aaron House – Owner

Aaron is the owner of Complete Computer Solutions, Inc. He has over eight years of experience of creating, deploying, and securing computing and networking solutions. He enjoys networking and maintaining long-standing, meaningful relationships with clients.